Corporate Profile

Combining innovation and excellence, Harwal Group is the largest plastics converter in the Middle East. The Group converts over 200,000 metric tons of plastic and 100,000 tons of metals every year delivered through its ISO 9001 certified companies. As an award winning organization, Harwal Group combines its technical capability with evolving market trends to bring superior products and services to its valued customers.

Harwal Group has 28 business units with manufacturing and sales facilities across the globe. Business segments include Building Materials, Building Systems, Electrical Cable Management systems, Switches & Sockets, Pipeline Systems, Prefab Buildings, Doors & Windows, Refrigerated Transport and Storage, Industrial Warehouses and Storage, Refrigerators, Plastic Consumer Products, Packaging Materials, and Furniture.

The manufacturing conglomerate operates within 65 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA. Providing unrivalled manufacturing capabilities and services across the globe, Harwal Group runs its impressive operations through four main companies - TSSC, Interplast, Cosmoplast and Intermetal.

Founded in 1938, Harwal Group currently operates from its headquarters in the UAE. Harwal’s strategy and business model is built around the principles of innovation, quality and sustainability. As an organization, the Group takes pride in its work, the success of its customers and the results they achieve together. Its continued growth and success over the last eight decades can be attributed to an ability to adapt and evolve, enabling it to become the leader in its industries.