Seamless Roofing System

TSSC Seamless Roofing System caters to the advanced roofing needs of the Middle East region. It is a unique roofing system where sheets are joined together using a snap lock system.

The seamless flat roof metal covering system is used in industrial and civil buildings and complies with the latest architectural trends. With its essential shape, aesthetic appearance, constructive economies and outstanding technical properties, the seamless roofing system is the perfect balance between technology and appearance.

The seamless roofing system uses roll formed panels that are attached to the structural substrate with a  concealed method enabling its use on many applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling. 

The seamless roofing panels are also available as insulated composite panels, to make the system energy efficient. Reducing energy loss will not only lower running costs and CO2 emissions but will also reduce the actual cost of the building itself by scaling down the size of refrigeration and air handling plants.