Aluminium Composite Panels

ALUPEX Aluminum Composite Panels, are a unique and versatile cladding material used in enhancing performance and aesthetics of modern building architecture.

With the state-of the-art technology of multi-layer extrusion lamination, two skins of non-corrosive special grade aluminum sheets are bonded on to the non-toxic polyethylene thermoplastic or a fire retardant mineral core to form a sandwich panel. The external skin surface of the aluminum composite panel is available in various finishes and colors made from PVDF paint coatings. The external surface is further protected by an easy-to-peel protective film.

• Superior strength-to-weight ratio.

• Life expectancy of up to 20 years.

• Surface smoothness.

• Easy Installation.

• Attractive Finishes.

• Reduces heat and sound transmission.



• External Wall Cladding.

• Curtain Walls and Internal Finishes.

• Rooftop Edges and Wall Canopies.

• Stairways and Elevators.

• Advertising Display Sign Boards.

• Spandrels, Column Covers and Beam Wraps.